Turbo hybrid classifier (supermicronized)

In the construction of this device, the latest design of supermicronized powder separation machines is used, which is well suited to the needs of separation for the softest particles.
The special turbo-hybrid design of rotors with the possibility of making large diameter and length makes it possible to increase the linear speed of the rotor up to 105 m/s in order to achieve an extraordinary granulation distribution curve with a high capacity, and significantly compares this device to It is different from the old generation.


  • Increasing the linear speed of the rotor up to 105 m/s
  • The possibility of separating particles up to 98%
  • The production of the softest seeds on an industrial scale, which was only possible in the past using a cooler method
  • Return on investment in the shortest time
  • Low cost of repairs and maintenance
  • The special design of the blades and achieving a lower rotation of the rotor of the TTH machine compared to the old classifier


  • Super micronized calcium carbonate
  • Special plasters
  • barite
  • kaolin
  • graphite
  • dolomite
  • talk
  • Toner and…