Conveyor drum

Conveyor drum (PULLY) is considered one of the most basic parts of the conveyor and since it is responsible for the movement of the entire set, it requires sufficient expertise and skill to manufacture.

This company has the ability to manufacture heavy and semi-heavy drums based on existing standards for various industries such as steel, cement and mines.

Drums are divided into two categories: Driven (Pulley Drive) and Moving (Pulley Idler) drums, and according to the sensitivity and application and place of use in various industries, the required rubber covers are placed on them, including Anti-wear, anti-acid, anti-oil and other special solvent coatings can be mentioned.

In special conditions, silicone, polyurethane, EPDM, chloroprene, NBR, etc. coatings can also be used as roller coatings.

Usually ST-37 or ST-52 steels are used in the construction of drum bodies and according to working conditions.

Drum shafts are made of CK-45 or Mo4 42Cr.