screw conveyor

Screws are one of the types of material transfer systems This system has the ability to carry a wide range of relatively high density materials This feature is very important in the operation of screws, and the reason for this is that the spiral of the screw, which is fixed on its central shaft, rotates in its body, and during this process, the material is compressed along the bottom and sides, and in the empty spaces between the spiral and The body moves. This causes the material particles to slide over each other. According to the engineering and software capabilities and past experiences in the subject of screw conveyor,the following services can be provided.

1- Designing and calculating or making all kinds of screws with any step and angle of blade and shaft. For special cases and at high temperature.
2- Designing and presenting construction plans, screws for special cases.
3- Making spare parts

The screw body is designed in U and tubular models and with different diameters. The diameter of the main pipe as well as the pitch of the blades is a function of the capacity, which is designed according to different materials. The bearing and power transmission system is completely insulated against dust, which increases the life of the bearing. Kimia Machine Alborz Engineering Company has the ability to design and manufacture a variety of screw conveyor systems with a capacity of 1 to 20 tons per hour at different intervals. .


  • Reduction of wastage of raw materials
  • Reduction of wastage of raw materials
  • minimum maintenance
  • reduction of manpower