Application of lace

Application of lace

Sarand lace has many uses. But their most important role is in screening. They are also used for separation and filtration of materials.

This product can be used in coal mines, construction, factories, making cages for animals, petrochemical industries, agriculture, sports, construction projects, road construction, as protection in airports, barracks and military areas, retrofitting. Exchange wall, gold and jewelry stores, food and medicine, archeology, window protectors, paper making, metallurgical industries, electronic industries and…

Use of brass nets

The use of brass and steel nets of the brass type is also used in oil refining, and the reason for this is the flexibility and resistance of this net against wear. Also, the steel type is used to make three-dimensional panels and types of shelves. Of course, its iron type is mostly used in construction.
It is used in processing factories, ore dressing and mining industries. It is also used in different parts to prevent smaller pieces from entering the crusher throat in order to prevent energy loss and increase the efficiency and capacity of the crusher.

Among other applications of Serand, to prevent the entry of coarse grain parts of minerals from one stage to another, it is possible to mention the preparation of the final product with a certain granularity.

Application of anti-wear steel nets

The application of anti-wear steel nets in the mining industry, especially in the cement industry, is very high. The wires used in Serand anti-wear nets are made of high carbon stainless steel alloy. This alloy increases the resistance of the mesh against corrosion and wear.

It will also increase the duration of this anti-wear device. The alloy used in the production of anti-wear Serand mesh makes the mesh more resistant and functional compared to the iron type due to its high carbon content against the input feed (stones) with high silica in sand production mines and sand washing workshops. be

The use of anti-wear serand steel nets, the uses of this type of net can be summarized as follows:

Serand sand mines
Construction of protective walls for the door, window, fence.
Use in petrochemical and industrial agricultural tools
Granulation in the production line of food factories

Extending the life of the net

To prolong the life of Serand net, it is better to use Serand tires. These tires are installed between the net and the body of the sander and prevent the materials that are poured on the sander through the carriers from accumulating at one point and tearing the net in that place.

The rubber prevents the contact of the net with the body of the device and during the vibration of the device, it prevents the net from being rubbed by the serand body. It also makes the head vibrate better.

In order to increase the effective operation life of the serand net and the efficiency of the serand device, it is appropriate to calculate the ratio of carrier materials on the net and to avoid pouring too much input feed on the net.