Pin Mill

This mill with a special and unique design is used to effectively and economically grind a wide range of materials and convert coarse-grained materials or separator return materials into fine-grained and powder materials.
The structure of the pin mill line mainly includes a hopper with an initial load silo along with a drain valve, a rotary feeder or a screw feeder with a suitable size and a magnet to prevent iron materials from entering the mill and the output screw of the load. For the production of very soft and micronized powders, the pin line is generally used. The mill is equipped with an air separator with a special design.

Dimensions of input feed: to 25 mm

Product granularity: depending on the type of material, it can be adjusted from 100 to 300 microns.


  • gypsum
  • limestone
  • calcine
  • talc
  • graphite
  • mica and…