Micron Dryer

The latest technology in the industry of fast and continuous dryers for the simultaneous operation of drying and grinding wet materials and granulating them into powder.

Includes: wet material inlet feeder, Asia, hot air inlet duct, product outlet duct suitable for producing powders of chemical, pharmaceutical and food minerals with special capabilities for: drying and pulverizing wet materials, lumpy, foamy or stringy materials, dough and cakes after filtration, drying of crystallization water and drying of sticky sensitive substances or explosive dust recovery of dissolved substances.

In addition to having the above features, this dryer is small compared to similar dryers, and with a small heat loss and heat transfer coefficient, sealing and high flexibility in terms of material stopping time, controlling the humidity of the output material and controlling the size of the output particles. is.

This device is used when the hardness of the material to be crushed does not exceed 3.5 mos.