Serend Tumbler

This type of conveyor includes vibrating and elliptical movements in different directions and enables the separation of the softest and smallest particles with high efficiency in the dry process.
The elliptical and rotating movements of this device significantly help to separate and screen the smallest particles. The fine particles are inclined towards the center of the device and the larger particles are pushed out, where due to the presence of exit valves around the device, Particles on the surface easily move to the outer body and exit through these valves.
Due to the multiple floors as well as the mesh cleaning plastic balls or the ultrasonic vibration cleaning system in each floor of this device, it is possible to separate the smallest particles from the largest incoming particles with high efficiency.


  • No dust
  • Easy maintenance
  • No noise
  • affordable
  • Ability to add floors

This device is widely used in mining, pharmaceutical, food, chemical, metallurgy, recycling and other industries based on the size, dry weight and fineness of materials smaller than one millimeter.


  • talk
  • Bentonite
  • dolomite
  • Calcium carbonate
  • barite
  • Kaolin and…