Turbo Hybrid Super fine Air Classifier

Turbo Hybrid Super fine Air Classifier
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Turbo Hybrid Classifier (TTH)

Latest technology is used to made ultrafine turbo hybrid classifier TTH, that properly meet the most demanding product ultrafine.special turbo-hybrid rotors designing enable us to manufacture large diameter and length. By KSFC, we can achieve to increase the speed up to 105 m/s to reach the capacity and best distribution curve.

*very sharp cut points at highest yields           *capability of increase the rotors speed to 1056m/s          *cut point down to d98
*production of ultrafine on an industrial scale which in the past was only by wet processing and drying       *investment return in very short time
*Special vanes designing for reach to lower rotor speed of the KSFC classifier rather than the last generation of classifiers
*Low maintenance cost and easy maintenance        *double discharge reduces pressure loos and safes energy cost by over 40%
*Dynamic air sealing adapted to rotor speed minimizes risk of oversize contamination.

Application areas :  *Calcium carbonate    *Dolomite    *Barite    *Kaolin     *Talcum     *Toner


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