Stormplex Air Classifier KLS

Stormplex Air Classifier KLS
دسته محصولی : Air Seprating and Air Classifiers

Stromplex Air Classifier KLS

These are the advantages of classifier.

   High efficiency over a wide range of operating conditions.
   Excellent cut at high throughput (cut from 15-300 micron).
   Simple setting of product fineness.
   Steeples regulation of fineness during operation.
   Wide range of control with accurate setting of product and fineness.
   Safe dismounting of mill bearings.
   Full use of mill capacity.

Some materials processed with air classifier.
Asbeston, Ash, Barite, Bauxite, Burnt lime, Kaolin, Fertilizer, Graphite, Gypsum, Lime hydrate, Lime stone, Fireclay, Magnesite, Slag, Slate, Soot, Synthetics, Tobacco powder etc.


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