Micron Dryer

Micron Dryer
دسته محصولی : Grinding and Mills

Micron Dryer

Most up to date technology in flash and continues drying industry. suitable for simultaneous operations of drying and milling of wet materials and separating in fine powders including:

Inlet feeder for  wet materials mill hot air or gas inlet, classifier outlet for fine product.  suitable for producing fine powders of minerals chemicals, pharmaceuticals and food industries with special abilities for: drying slurry, past or wet filter cake. Drying wet of water of crystallization drying , heat, sensitive or explosive dusty materials and recovery of solvents. The micron dryer, having all these capabilities, still is very space saving with little heat loss, high overall heat transfer coefficient and complete dust free.it has a very good flexibility in controlling residence time, moisture of content products and product fineness.










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