Mesplex Air Classifier KMS

Mesplex Air Classifier KMS
دسته محصولی : Air Seprating and Air Classifiers

Mesplex Air Classifier KMS

Fineness range:
 The slow rotation of the KMS wheel in the medium fineness range brings advantages regarding the pressure drop and wear rate. The classifier can also be operated with high air flow rates.

Application Areas:
Talc          *calcium carbonate*          bentonite*       * kaolin          *quartz       * pigment     *fine grade chemical *etc.

 The KMS micron air classifier unit can be operated in closed circuit operation with a ball mill or as a classifier head in conjunction with a table roller mill. The KMS classifier wheel is suspended from a vertical shaft and is of welded construction. The vanes of the wheel are inclined and tapered into a conical shape. During operation oversize product is deflected away from the rotating wheel.

For operation on abrasive materials the classifier can be offered in a wear protect design. For application in the food or pharmaceutical industries, the classifier can be manufactured in stainless steel.


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